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Architectural Visualization Specialist

Imagination, meet reality

Imaglifax produces beautiful 3D renderings of architectural projects. Whether it's a high-rise or a house, an addition, a cottage, a renovation, or a shed. Whatever type of project you have, I can showcase it for you in a premium quality rendering.

I can help you to realize your design.


I also produce construction documents for permitting and construction, within the requirements of local codes.

Here is a list of services I provide:

  • Architectural Rendering

  • Exterior & Landscaping

  • Interior Walkthroughs

  • Interior Rendering

  • 360 Photos

  • Solar Studies

  • Architectural Animations

  • Pre-construction Sales Images

  • Virtual Reality Tour

  • 3D Floor Plans

  • Permitting & Construction Documents


I do all this, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Your Architectural Visualization Specialist.

Please send your ideas, sketches, plans, and images for pricing! Fill out the Price Quote form below, or contact me:

Chris Macdonald

902 266 2807

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